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Roofing services

Roof Inspections

After many years of exposure to the elements, a Columbus roofing system may start to deteriorate and fail, leading to leaks and potential structural damage to your home. Our expert Columbus roofers can conduct a thorough roof inspection to assess the condition of your roof and provide recommendations for maintenance to stop any damage. 

Roof Repair

The cost of repair is actually an investment in your house when you consider the harm that ignoring your roof can do. In addition to a one-year leak-free warranty, Ruffin Roofing offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on roof leak repair.

Damage Restoration

Effective roof repairs are a terrific method to maintain the quality of your commercial roof without having to pay for a complete roof replacement. The effectiveness of repairs often declines as your roof ages, though. Even yet, a worn-out or damaged roof may only require a more thorough restoration rather than being in complete disrepair.

Commercial Roofing services

new construction

Working with a reputable local roofing contractor like us will help you receive the greatest outcomes regardless of the size of the roofing project. The professionals are certain to meet and beyond your needs because they have experience and competence.

For the greatest outcomes on an upcoming new construction roof project, you can rely on Ruffin Roofing to give the local service you require. Our crew has the skills and expertise necessary to install the premium roofing system you require. Our focus on the little things, flexible attitude, and roofing knowledge will assist to complete the task successfully.

Damage Restoration

Damage to your commercial roof exposes important components of your company to the elements, including stock and priceless equipment. Most roof damage can be fixed with a business roof repair, but what if the damage is more severe? You might want to think about having the Ruffin Roofing team restore your roof before hiring someone to rip it off.

Solar Panels

Let us guide you on the exciting journey of generating your first megawatt!

Site Evaluation

We diligently evaluate your property to check its readiness for Solar installation. It includes inspection of the roof, attic, electrical wiring, and battery placement.

Permit Approval

It is necessary for your new solar system to stay in accordance with all safety codes including fire, electrical, and structural. We will submit the required documents, such as the design approved in the previous step, to the city for approval.

* Fees are included in the total cost

Final City Inspection

Once the installation is complete, the city inspector will evaluate the home to make sure that the solar installation has been completed within the scope of the permit that was approved.

system Design Approval

From the results of the site evaluation, we assess if there are changes needed to the property’s original design. You the homeowner will review the changes proposed and give feedback. Once you confirm the final design, we submit it for permit approval.


Installs are completed in two days or less. Please note, that your power will likely need to be turned off for a few hours during the time of installation.

Utility Connection

The homeowner applies for utility connection showing the contract and scope of work that was completed. The utility representative will check your new system to confirm its accordance with the utility guidelines. They may also upgrade the meter if needed for Net-Metering. After approval, the homeowner may turn on their system and begin producing their own energy!

Siding and gutters

Siding New Construction

Your siding frequently has the greatest visual impact when it comes to enhancing the look of your house. The outside may occasionally be harmed or worn. Others simply find it outmoded and in need of a makeover. Whatever the circumstance, NBR Contracting’s experts are on your side, doing everything from siding repair to full siding replacement.

Siding Repair

Usually, after 20 to 30 years, siding needs to be replaced. Anytime you replace siding on your home, it also enhances the curb appeal, so doing it sooner would be good for your home’s value and appearance. If wear or damage is evident, siding must also be replaced. Cracks in the siding could be one of these warning indicators.

Gutter Install

Would you like a fast, easy gutter installation process that can shield your business’s building from water damage for a long time? You’ve arrived at the proper location. Our skilled professionals have the education and expertise to live up to your high standards. We go above and above to deliver outstanding outcomes that are in line with your ideal water rerouting system.

Gutter Repair

Accept nothing less than a specialist who puts your needs first when you require inexpensive gutter repair. Contact Ruffin Roofing today. We repair faulty gutters to prevent water from gradually harming your property.

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As a top roofing contractor in Columbus, OH, we want to earn your trust from the first time we speak until the job is done. We don’t just build strong roofs — we build strong relationships with every client. With Ruffin Roofing, you can be at peace knowing you hired trusted professionals.

Ruffin Roofing provides outstanding workmanship and excellent warranties to safeguard what matters most.


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We build more than strong roofs. We build strong, authentic relationships with our clients, employees, and community. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with professional service while remaining true to our commitment to personalized attention. You are our neighbor, and we look forward to serving you as such.


When you choose Ruffin Roofing, you choose a local, minority-owned business. Our owner is a pillar in our community as a decorated firefighter and a beloved neighbor to many. Not only does Ruffin Roofing provide the highest level of customer service and quality work, but we also offer the utmost respect and compassion to everyone we work with.

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